Please Help

As most of you know by now, our family lives full time in an RV. Most of our belongings got packed in to a storage unit in Texas before we set out last November on this adventure. Personal belongings such as family photos, family heirlooms, stuff with sentimental value. We also keep only the clothes we need currently in the RV with us. This is 7 weather-appropriate outfits per person. When seasons change, we make a trip back to Texas to trade out clothes for the next season. We did this back in March, switching our winter coats and clothes and blankets for warmer weather stuff. Our plan was to head back down to Texas in September and get our winter stuff. but as you are aware. hurricane Harvey beat us to the punch. Our storage unit was flooded up to the roof. We lost everything. We are currently camping in Missourri for the autumn and winter where work is available locally for us. Colder weather is coming and I am beyond concerned about it. Because coming up with the money for winter clothes for 7 kids is not a simple task. Especially on top of winterizing our RV, taking care of day to day costs of living, propane, schooling, and saving for a much-needed  vehicle. There simply is not any extra money left over.

We need help. And this blog has taken me a solid week to work up the nerve to write. Because I am a huge fan of blessing others and I am not a fan at all of asking for help. But pride aside, this is a need for my children. I can figure out winter clothes for us adults or we will simply go without. But my kids need warm clothes soon. And coats. And sneakers.  I’m estimating its going to cost about $100-$150 per child. Minus $50 Lucys Nan blessed us with for Lulu. ❤

I’ve opted out of doing an online fundraiser as the only ones I know of take fees out for processing, etc and I feel that’s simply wasted money. If you feel led in your heart to bless our family in this way, please take a moment to look me up on Facebook at I have a debit card linked up to FB and can take payments direct that way with no fees taken out. (My paypal is currently giving me issues and is not an option)

I have nothing to offer in return currently aside of a deep gratitude from a mother who simply is trying to make sure her kids needs are met. And a promise that when the universe shifts back in to a place of giving us an abundance of needs-met, that we will absolutely pay this forward. We always have, we always will.

Thank you. For reading this, for considering being a blessing to ur family, for sharing the link to this blog. Thank you for being beautiful. xo ❤



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