Sometimes Wandering Will Heal You

You may have heard the saying “Not all who wander are lost.” And although I can empathize with that to a point as far as meaning just because you do not have your plans etched into stone does not mean you necessarily are in need of help/guidance/directions. That being said though. I WAS lost. For […]

Polyandry and Fatherhood

It has become predictable. Anytime I casually mention that I am in a polyandry marriage. (meaning I am married to more than one man.) The instant response from other women is “Oh wow! More power to you! I can’t even handle the ONE husband I have! He drives me crazy enough as it is!” Do […]

Normalizing Sexuality

Sexuality is an open door of conversation in our family. My 4 year old frequently wears dresses and tells us he wants to be a girl. Although other days he is a boy, or simply “Blaze”. My children know that my dearest friend is transgender. They all also understand I am married to two men […]

So Far We’ve Come, So Far To Go

Racism is alive and well in our country and anyone who pays even the slightest attention can not deny that fact. We hear the stories of racial profiling by police officers. We hear the stories from our friends who are trailed and accused and asked to leave stores simply because of the color of their […]

A Change Is Gonna Come

A few short days before his birthday, my most favorite human on earth took a bus into town and got his prescription filled for testosterone. At that same time I was sitting on a peaceful little beach by a lake across the country watching three of my children splashing and laughing and playing in the […]

No Doctor, No Midwife, No Problem

In December of 2001 I lost my second pregnancy due to complications with a hydatidaform mole. This resulted in a loss discovered at 20 weeks, a consequent D&C operation at a hospital in Providence (basically an abortion to remove the already-deceased fetus) and months of weekly blood-draws to be sure they had removed all of […]

Matter Of Perspective

Today marks day 4 we are in this motel room. Myself and my five youngest children. Bailey-11, Creed-9, Drezdyn-8, Blaze-4 and Lucy-2. Our first day we arrived near dinner time and once we unpacked our bags and baskets and I prepared dinner it was time for baths and bedtime. Day two I was carrying some […]