A Change Is Gonna Come

A few short days before his birthday, my most favorite human on earth took a bus into town and got his prescription filled for testosterone. At that same time I was sitting on a peaceful little beach by a lake across the country watching three of my children splashing and laughing and playing in the […]

No Doctor, No Midwife, No Problem

In December of 2001 I lost my second pregnancy due to complications with a hydatidaform mole. This resulted in a loss discovered at 20 weeks, a consequent D&C operation at a hospital in Providence (basically an abortion to remove the already-deceased fetus) and months of weekly blood-draws to be sure they had removed all of […]

Matter Of Perspective

Today marks day 4 we are in this motel room. Myself and my five youngest children. Bailey-11, Creed-9, Drezdyn-8, Blaze-4 and Lucy-2. Our first day we arrived near dinner time and once we unpacked our bags and baskets and I prepared dinner it was time for baths and bedtime. Day two I was carrying some […]

How I Honored Womens Day

Yesterday I noted the uprising across America as women chose to strike and avoid their regularly scheduled lives in an effort to raise awareness of how much of an impact their presence makes. I understood their motives. I just did not feel motivated to follow suite. I have no desire to be treated equal to […]

Polyamory Questions Answered

Since announcing to the public that Justin and I are practicing polyamorists and that we had added a 3rd leg to our now-tripod, I have received an onslaught of questions. Not rude. just curious.So, I thought it might be helpful to answer some questions in a blog and clarify some stuff for you guys.So, you […]

50 Things You Might Not Know About Moi

I’m scared of the dark I know how to yodel I wrote my first poem at age 9 I have spent approximately 220 hours in labor in my life I have donated breast milk to 2 different babies and wetnursed a third Im totally freaked out by moths I have a 9th grade education. I […]

My Two Husbands

Nearly 6 years ago I stood out in the cold winter rain looking up at a bare tree and thought “He is never going to see another Spring” and I got so angry at God I yelled at Him for hours. And then I didn’t speak to Him for over a year. The he who […]